“Imaginative Resistance and Variation” British Journal of Aesthetics (Forthcoming)

“From Intellectual Courage to Moral Courage: A Commentary on Comer and Schwartz,” 2018, Bus Ethics J Rev 6(5): 24-29

Works Under Review:

“Implicit Imaginative Resistance” (under review) (I am expanding a recent scholarly blog post of mine. Check it out here.)

On The Relation Between Imagining and Supposing (under review)

Works in Progress:

“Thought Experiments as a kind of Genre” (I am expanding a recent scholarly blog post of mine. Check it out here.)

J. Klevin, A. Marcoux, E. Peterson, and M. Thomas, Price Gouging Revisited: Toward an Economics-Informed Ethics of Substitution in Emergencies (My current position is allowing me to collaborate with scholars on topics I might not ordinarily pursue.  In this paper, I am working with fellow philosopher Alexei Marcoux, economist Michael Thomas, and a bright undergraduate student Joe Klevin. We seek to reveal a dimension to the ethics of price gouging that has yet to be appreciated.  Abstract is coming soon.) 

Future Projects:

Faith and Imagining (I am interested in exploring the relation between imagining and other attitudes such as faith, trust and hope.)