In my current role, I am teaching business ethics to undergraduate and graduate students.

Prior to that, I have taught a variety of philosophy courses.  These include lower-level undergraduate courses such as ethics, intro to philosophy, and intro to logic.  They also include upper-level undergraduate courses such as business ethics, philosophy of religion, metaphysics and epistemology, and formal logic.

Recent classes taught (fall 2016)

            PHI 320 Formal Logic (University of Kentucky)  Syllabus

            PHI 350 Metaphysics and Epistemology (University of Kentucky)  Syllabus

            PHI 152 Intro to Logic (Georgetown College)

I am constantly reflecting on how to improve as a teacher.  Here are two examples of assignment design that I am particularly proud of:

Sample Logic Quiz- This idea came up in collaboration with a colleague of mine.

Sample Business Ethics Final Project- This idea came to me as a way to make ethics relevant to business majors.